Make a simple wool hat …?

I had a problem. I would do 4 me this hat … http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=1079 I had experiences pratic, but I do not understand very small world in the explanation … please help me! Do not say I do should not do it by myself! All Rights Reserved. Thank U very much. But the picture http://www.bernat.com/data/pattern/image/image_1079.jpg there are 2 things that seams like the "top star "… That way I'll make one … I understood or not?

Sounds easy enough … I guess you already know how to knit. Just cast on 24 stitches, then knit every row until 18 1 / 2 inches long. then fold. Sew back seam, (both short sides), then you will have a tube shape. then fold up into a star shape as shown in the photo, which looks like you just bring 4 "corners" the center and sew the edges on top. I hope that helps! Happy knitting =)


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  1. Bonjour je suis à tricoter un modèle qu’il y a sur l’envers du étiquette de laine Bernat, je ne comprend ce que veux dire” Ss ” exemple: 2e r. Gl.1 1 end. Ss. 1 end. tourner. S’il vous plait aider moi. Le nom du patron c’est” CHAUSSETTES AU TRICOT POUR LA FAMILLE” . MERCI À L’AVANCE. S.V.P. me répondre sur mon adresse e-mail. tricokine11

  2. Dear Bernat, Hi my name is Rita and I have a problem. I saw one of your colors at Walmart one day and fell in love with the color. My problem is its really really difficult to work a #5. Do you have thinner thread than #5 in the color surprise. I would make the biggest blanket in the world. If you do would you please call me at 775-304-9360. Or send me what you do have to 601 S Bridge St Winnemucca NV 89445. Thank you very very much. Rita Gilmore

  3. re: your free pattern #99000600417. (hat) after casting on 68 stitches and increasing 5 stitches per the instructions for a total of 73 stitches, worked the instructions for row 1, including working the panel instructions, had 6 stitches on the left needle to be worked? wondering if i don’t understand the pattern or if there is a mistake in the instructions. thank you, rita tinkham. please reply by e-mail, or call me at (256)766-0113, or (864)706-4968

  4. I need Bernat chiffon prints baby sport yarn. What I see on here doesn’t look like what I am working with, mine does not have purple worked into it. Mine is just white, blue, yellow, green & pink. I may have got it at Wal Mart.
    Thank you
    Ruth Johnson

  5. baby yarn that I am using(trying to use) has so many knots in it just terribe and cant get them undone have to cut yarn and tie together just terrible

  6. I just bought 4 scanes of the baby yarn made from Bernat and both scanes of yarn it was all frayed out I had to cut the piece off and start it all over again……I love this yarn but I hate when it does this…..I hope I hear something from you soon..Thank You…

  7. I am looking for the Bernat baby coordinates in an aqua. It could be soft aqua, I’m not sure. The local Hobby Lobby no longer carries that shade. I am making blankets for twins. One soft turquoise and I’m wanting the soft aqua for the other.
    Can I still get it somewhere?

  8. I am looking for a skein of Bernat Baby Jacquards, Color #06128 Boo Berries. The pattern I am using calls for 1 skein, but have run out and my project is not finished. Our Wal-Mart doesn’t have this yarn anymore. Could you please send me one and I will send you a check. My address is: 8242 South Malta Road, DeKalb, Ill. 60115. Or where can I purchase this yarn? Thank you.

  9. Is Bernat Soy still available and if not what was the yardage per ball? I want to make a sweater that calls for 10 balls

  10. I’m looking for 630 grams of Bernat Jacquard-macaroon. I can’t find it in any of my stores.

  11. I bought some of your lemon citron color Softee Baby spot weight yarn at my local craft store. It was a tangled mess inside. I just kept pulling out globs of knots. Out of two skeins I ended up throwing away at least 1 1/2 skeins, they were so bad. Not only were they knotted badly they had many spliced pieces in the yarn. Both tails were coming out the same end. whats up with this anyway?

  12. I am looking for Bernat Satin wool for a pattern I am making. I can’t find a location in Edmonton that sells it. It is Sunset (orange) # 04605, and Sunrise (bright yellow) #04610.
    If you could please help me that would be wonderful. Thank you, Joanne.

  13. I’ve bought two skeins of Bernat blanket yarn and am not able to pull the yarn from the inside of the skein, as opposed to unwinding from the outside. I have never had a skein of yarn of any brand that you couldn’t pull from the inside. One of the skeins I used was like described above with knots inside the skein. What gives? Can’t Bernat wind their yarn properly? Would appreciate a reply or comments from others who have solved this problem.

  14. I am searching for the same lot color of crochet thread I bought at Walmart. The label color says it is Misty Grey. The Misty Gray I bought before is a shiny gray, not the Misty Grey now being carried at Walmart. Can you help me locate the shiny grey I bought before?

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