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Using An Easy Sock Remedy for Sweaty Feet

Got sweaty feet? Well you have plenty of company. Many people experience excess sweat on their feet with the associated odor, discomfort, and occasional embarrassment. Why is this? There could be several reasons. While it’s possible that some reasons involve medical causes for excessive foot sweat, this article discusses some common causes that are easier to deal with.

Sweaty feet is most often the result of wearing shoes or socks made of synthetic materials. So one easy thing to do is to switch to cotton socks. Many people experience improvement when they switch to cotton socks. But regular socks (even cotton ones) have one characteristic that encourages sweat nevertheless. Because socks confine your toes into one common area, this has the effect of building up the heat from your feet within the sock. This is the same principle that occurs when wearing mittens, which are designed for the express purpose of keeping your hands warm.

So the build up of heat within the sock leads to excess moisture,. This, in turn, encourages the bacterial growth responsible for foot odor. Fortunately, there are other options to regular socks that address this situation.

To understand this option, we need to once again consider the difference between gloves and mittens. While mittens conserve heat, gloves expose more surface area to the outside by wrapping each finger in the glove material. Gloves, therefore, do not conserve as much heat as mittens do. Enter the toe sock.

What is a toe sock?

Toe socks are to regular socks what gloves are to mittens. They are made with a pocket knitted for each individual toe. Like gloves, this type of sock does not encourage build up of excess heat. So they actually can reduce sweating and the accumulation of moisture. When there is reduced heat and moisture, there is reduced odor and fungus growth.

Other advantages

Toe socks come with other benefits and advantages over regular socks.

Minimizes foot irritation

Allows toes to move freely, providing better balance

Can help prevent blisters from forming

Can help runners achieve better balance and control

Provides improved comfort and a more relaxed and natural foot movement while walking

Where to buy

One of the better-known makers of toe socks is a company called Injinji. They carry a large line for men and women. They are not any more expensive that regular running socks.

As far as socks go, toe socks are superior in their natural ability to minimize sweaty feet. Toe socks can really make a difference in athletic performance in addition to everyday comfort. To learn about
Compression Running Socks
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