Knitting Needles

knitting needles
Will it make a big difference to use slightly bigger or smaller knitting needles?

I was in the midst of knitting a doll using 3.25mm DPNs. I accidentally broke two of the needles, leaving me with only three in that size. The local shop doesn’t stock 3.25mm, only 3mm or 3.5mm. I’m in the middle of knitting one of the legs of the doll. If I switch sizes partway, will it be noticeable? And should I switch to 3mm or 3.5mm?


If you were knitting a large item like a sweater it would make a difference and the sweater would not fit.
But hey we are talking about the legs of a doll. Will anyone notice if the legs are a different gauge.
I would knit both legs all on the same size needles though, not switch halfway up.

Knitting Needles: Everything You Ever Needed to Know

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