Bernat Yarn Company

bernat yarn company
Crochet Patterns that are fun to do?

I love crocheting and I'm looking for fun, but easier to do. I tried all the major companies websites son: Redheart, bernat, lionbrand, peaches and cream, and Caron. I would like other sites. So I'm looking for some crochet patterns for: Hip shawl Sushi Roll (cover toilet paper) Japanese Baby Hats Crochet Patterns (English LOL of course: P)

Try Raverly need to register but worth have sign up Crochetville coats and Clark Maybe these help, good luck

Super Easy crochet flower

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2 thoughts on “Bernat Yarn Company

  1. Good Day

    I have a request after I express how much I love your yarns. It is just way too bad that it is not better supplies here. I grab all I can get my hands on whenever I can but sadly it is not enough. My request. I need (yes need lol) to make some Chemo hats. I have two personal friends who are fighting cancer, one in post op breast cancer patient status, and the other had been in remission for 10 years and just found out she is again diagnosed with cancer. there are many women in the North state of California who suffer this terrible situation. I try to make stuff for these ladies but I just cannot get my hands on the proper supplies. I need help. Please! I have a nice simple pattern but it calls for Bernat (yea!) Handicrafter cotton in Pinky stripes. I am a disabled vet who began to crochet for therapy. I am permanently and totally disabled and cannot hold gainful employ. I have no income to speak of often having less than $100 per year of disposable income. Yeah, it is a problem when it comes to specifics. I operate solely on donations. I am hoping you might see a way to supply a bit of yarn to help me make some chemo hats for those in the area who need them. I am embarrassed to ask as I have always worked for anything I need or wanted. There is a need here though and it is not solely about me. I get therapeutic value true but I really want to help these ladies out if I can. I cannot see any other way. Please find it in your heart to help. Thanks for at least considering my plea. I dont know where else to turn. thank you very much. Joe L (aka YarnAddict411)

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