Bernat Pattern

bernat pattern
I Need help with a crochet pattern?

Hello fellow crocheters I am trying to tackle a pattern I found on the bernat website for the deep v top but I am stuck does anyone know or has tried the pattern I have done the back the body the ribbing and now I am stuck. Pleeeasssse help thanks in advance for any help get.

If I understand you correctly, you are working on The Back, and you have completed the ribbing and the body of the back through repeating Row 2 the required number of times.

Next you will increase the number of half double crochets (hdc) to make the back wider so that there are cap sleeves. You do that by adding a hdc at each end of the next row (the “first increase row”), the third row, and the fifth row. The second, fourth, and sixth rows are worked without increases. You’d then work even–no increases–on the remaining rows of the back.

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