Afghan Knitted Patterns


There are many varied designs available to you, If  you wish to create Afghan Baby Crochet. Nursery ensembles make an enchanting shower gift for a mum-to-be who is about to welcome a new addition into her life. The different patterns, stitches, and yarns are endless.  Imagine the enjoyment a warm baby blanket or cuddly toy will provide the new baby.

You can create any texture, color, and just about any shape baby blanket you desire. They can be square, rectangular, star shaped or round. Some depict a favorite cartoon character, and are worked in one piece, others are worked in individual motifs of various colors and joined together to make the completed rug. Just look, you’ll find an afghan baby crochet pattern to suit you, and any décor you’d like to match.

Tunisian crochet stitch can be worked into blankets, bibs, bottlewarmers, booties, even pin cushions.
The smooth uniform effect of this stitch is very attractive, as well as producing a very warm fabric. The fabric is ideal to work cross stitch or embroidered motifs, over.

But an Afghan is an Afghan, whether it is worked in the Tunisian crochet stitch or in standard crochet stitches.
When choosing your yarn, think about what your design will be used for. Soft wools and shiny silks are perfect for winter sweaters and tops. Make wonderful heirloom doilies, lightweight coats, shawls and bedspreads from quality cotton thread. Natural fibers last very well, however require a little more care when laundering, than synthetics. They are usually more expensive also.

When working afghan baby crochet items or large items like shawls or afghan bed rugs, I choose a good quality synthetic yarn like acrylic. Synthetic yarns come in a wide range of weights, textures and colors, and will cope very well with repeated laundering and daily wear and tear over a long period of time. They are also usually much cheaper than natural fibers. A big consideration when you’re creating something that requires a lot of yarn.

Directions for Tunisian Stitch used in afghan baby crochet, are on my web site just a click away. For instructions on how to create other stitches used in crochet, check out my e-book “CROCHET MADE EASY”, and get started on that beautiful gift!



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